Psychosis 4​.​48 - "​.​.​.​from the pain that burns in the dust to the oblivion of rotting​.​.​.​"

by Psychosis 4.48

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"These lines written by pain, the pain that burned me, wounds of the heart sprinkled with salt, and in the soul awakens the darkness..."

The musical components of the album is extremely varied but is the monolith and excellently perceived - predominant slow and medium tempo of the music, quiet acoustics and explosive sound with raw components, enticing clean vocals and extreme to hysterical, magnificent lyrics on Russian language passed through the depths of wounded soul - all in this album!

"My world is destroyed, my Paradise is so dirty, my light is not needed, my poison is contagious, my world is crushed, my God is flawed, my hell is beautiful, my journey is over..."


released January 13, 2016

Psychosis 4.48



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Track Name: Dying Message & Through the Bitterness of Burnt Illusions
Psychosis 4.48
Track Name: When Life Flows from the Veins
Psychosis 4.48
Track Name: To Escape on the Sidewalk of Death & Epilogue
Psychosis 4.48