Reincarnation - "Path to the Light"

by Reincarnation

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Reincarnation - this is a project of Katharos (Lauxnos, The Happiness Cage, K.M., Frost Flame, ex-Emptiness Soul). Debut full-length album of project was called "Path to the Light" and was released in 2012. The stylistic basis of the project is uncommon and represents an ethno ambient, ritual, meditative music surrounded by a mystical atmosphere of self-discovery. When you meet the early sunrise which pierces you with its brilliance which came from eternity, your soul seeks to rebirth, rising on a new path - the path of light! "The path of light described by the author begins with a not light entirely sound - here the listener expect a gloomy ambient-landscapes mixed with throat singing. This initial ritual of dawn can tighten any unwitting listener, luring him take this difficult path and to survive the rest of the reincarnation of light on the way to enlightenment called in sanskrit "Bodhi"." (from the review of "e_music_dark_ambient" community from vk)

In 2013 published a second work of this project called "The Steps to Enlightenment" that leads through the waters of oblivion farther into the depths of consciousness, where a listener does steps towards to enlightenment where he can find what he is looking for.

The last work of the project Reincarnation in 2014 became EP "Nothing is Permanent" which tells about the finiteness of existence and all things. Nothing lasts forever in this not eternal world. Even the most sturdy of creating time erases in dust as the stone under the influence of erosion is gradually turning into fine sand.

The project has not finished his creative work. He was reborn under a new name - Six Realms of Existence.


released May 11, 2016




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