Wan Skin - "Fortress of Solitude" (EP)

by Wan Skin

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Wan Skin is a solo project of Ahndor (Aspercrucio) reflecting the personal feelings of the author.
EP "Fortress of Solitude" includes material initial period of the project (2007-2009), recorded in 2014.
This music is a specific mix of atmospheric black metal, dark ambient & darkwave.
Lyrics tells about a lonely cold winter nights when having moved away from reality remains alone with your thoughts, looking for your true way of life...


released July 23, 2015

Wan Skin



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Track Name: The Onset
Wan Skin
Track Name: Always Alone
Always Alone

Winter is coming again
And I am alone
Cold covers my skin
I'm always alone

When I travel at night
My soul flies away
To the edge of the world
The beautiful place

Eternal cold in my chest
Sorrow overwhelms me
Thoughts are black

Alone... (again)
Sorrow has come
I live in the dark

Frost pierces me
On the border of sadness
Even further

And again
The skyfield I walk
To the edge of the world
Into eternity

The way...
I've been there
And again
I open my eyes
Track Name: Mysterious Glimmer
Mysterious Glimmer

The winding path
With many ways
In search of my own
I follow the obscure glimmer

In a cold winter night
Northern wind
Companions me
To my own valley

White veil on the ground
Nebulous sky
Dense forest
And darkness
The land long forgotten
For thousands of years
Forever bound by cold

I follow the obscure glimmer
Into the deep of a night
By the trails of the ancients
Accompanied by frosty wind

I walk
Through aeons
Under the gloomy sky
Into the uncertainty

I'll find the secret place
Where no one around
Where my soul will be calm
I'll be totally alone

My valley
My home
My fortress
My dream

I am immortal
I am eternal

I was looking for the way
The place so long
So distant, so beautiful
This place where nothing exists